PATHWAYS Institute for Negotiation Education works with high school students and teachers to build interest-based negotiation skills and to establish a shared framework for creative problem solving. Through experiential workshops, and ongoing learning in the classroom, participants are empowered in becoming leaders in their schools and communities.

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PATHWAYS is founded and run by a group of professionals with deep experience in negotiation, facilitation and pedagogy and has strong ties to established institutions of negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution. The program adapts principles and frameworks of interest-based, integrative negotiation taught at leading universities for high school students, giving participants tools for more constructively negotiating issues and conflicts in their daily lives and nurturing their potential to be positive leaders in their schools and communities.

Senior advisors to the program include Mark Gordon (Founding Partner of Vantage Partners, a consulting firm spun-out of the Harvard Negotiation Project), Sheila Heen (Lecturer at Harvard Law School and co-author of Difficult Conversations), Dr. Shula Gilad (Senior Fellow at the Harvard Program on Negotiation), and Dr. Rachel Tal (Director of English Studies for the Amal Group).



“Game Changers” Workshops

Our student program is based on Harvard’s “Getting to Yes” methodology, adapted for high school learners. Through experiential workshops, students explore key concepts of principled negotiation and creative problems solving. Interactive simulations, role plays and hands-on activities make ideas accessible, engaging and relevant.


Teacher Leadership

We work closely with teachers to bring core principles of interest-based negotiation and creative problem-solving into the classroom through teacher-created lesson plans. Reflection, application and project-based activities help reinforce students’ learning and strengthen connections with partner schools.


Participants are provided unique opportunities for advanced learning through our program and partners, and join a growing network of students, teachers and organizations committed to bringing constructive and creative approaches to negotiation to their schools, families, communities and beyond.

  • “What surprised me?  Everything.
    I thought it would be boring long lectures.  Instead, it was two really good days.
    The best – OK, some of the best – two days in my life! ”

    - Student

  • “I learned new, practical skills
    that I’ll be able to use in the future. Thank you! ”

    - Student



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